Detached House Close to the Coast

Contract Type:
For Sale
Property Type:
Detached House

Price: 99,000 Euros

Ref: LV 128


Detached House Close to the Coast with 1000 sqm land

San Vito Chietino is in central-eastern Italy on the Adriatic coast. This detached property is located just 7 minutes drive (3.5 km) from the sandy beaches on the Adriatic Italian coast. 
 On entering the house there is a central staircase. To the left there is large kitchen with a fireplace and to the right there is a lounge. On the first floor there are two double bedrooms with balconies. There are views of the sea on a clear day. The next level is the attic space. The garden surrounds the property and totals 1000 sqm. There is another 2500 sqm land available to buy from the neighbour if desired, which is in front of the garden. There are a few outbuildings in the garden, some more usable than others. One of the outbuildings has a fireplace and additional kitchen. As you can see from the photos, there is a motorway bridge 250 meters away. There is a slight noise when the wind is blowing in from the motorway bridge.
San Vito Chietino is a popular seaside town and open all year around. The beautiful sandy beaches are enclosed by rocks and some of the trabocchi’s have been transformed into restaurants.

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Close to Beach
Close to Shops
Close to the Town

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