Festivals are a cause for celebration, dancing, eating and drinking with the locals. Some festivals are small traditional affairs with a local folk bands and food.

Abruzzo Festivals : Parades, Food Festivals, Costumed Processions & Folk Ceremonies

Below is a selection of local festivals. To verify the exact dates, please contact the local tourist board:


Picciano: Traditional Befana Festival (January)

Cocullo: Snake Handlers’ Procession: a statue of the town’s patron, St. Dominic, is carried through the town covered with live serpents (first Thursday in May). Every year on the first Thursday in May, thousands of pilgrims, emigrants, photographers and thrill-seekers throng to this little town to see the faithful bring offerings of snakes to their patron saint, Dominic. The slithering treasures are all very carefully entwined upon the statue before it is taken in solemn procession through the village, accompanied by the band. When they have finished wending their way up the hillside, they and all who follow them are rewarded by fireworks, followed by a banquet in the streets. The festivities are not over until all present have finished a collective breakfast picnic on the green at the foot of the hill. Supposedly, the origins of this festival go back to pre-Roman times.

Fara Filiorum Petri: Farchie Festival: giant torches illuminate this festival for St. Anthony (January)

Rivisondoli: Living Nativity Scene: hundreds of costumed figures re-enact the arrival of the Three Kings at the manger (January)

Francavilla a Mare: Carnival Festivities (February)

Città Sant’Angelo: Carnival Parade of Floats (February)

San Valentino: Frittata Festival (April, Good Friday)

Sulmona: La Madonna in Piazza: medieval folklore event culminating in a staged pageant (Easter Sunday)

Bucchianico: Flower Festival: re-enactment of a 13th-century military stratagem that saved the town from destruction, with costumed parades, flower-bedecked carts and exquisite miniature flower floats worn on the local ladies’ heads (third Sunday of May)

Rocca di Mezzo: Daffodil Festival: folklore dances, presentations and a parade of flowery floats to celebrate the arrival of spring (last Sunday in May)

Villamagna: The Turks and St. Margerite Historical Re-enactment (July)

Cappelli Sul Tavo: Palio del Pupo Costumed Races (August)

Cepagatti: Historical Parade with Floats, Fireworks and Celebrations (August)

Popoli: Trout and Shrimp Festival (August)

Cappelle Sultano: Palio of the Puppets: giant puppets form a procession through the town, then explode in a shower of fireworks (August)

Celano: Costumed Procession and Fireworks (late August)

Pacentro: Festival of the Madonna of Loreto, with a traditional bare-foot “gypsy race” (first Sunday of September)

Lanciano: Medieval Pageant and Horse Race (September)

Villa Santa Maria: Culinary Festival: world-famous chefs who hail from the region gather for a three-day demonstration of their skills, based on techniques and recipes that date back over centuries (October)

Scanno: Bonfire Festival: enormous bonfires are lit on the surrounding hillsides to commemorate St. Martin (November)


First week in August Festival in Montazzoli
In August Cake and biscuits Festival in Mozzagrogna
First Saturday in August Pork festival in Carpineto Sinello (Ch)
First weekend in August Wine, music and poetry festival in Canosa Sannita
Beginning of August Festival at Tufillo
Beginning of August Festival at Palombaro
Beginning of August Traditional food festival in Tollo
First two weeks in August Wild bore festival at Pennapiedimonte
3-7 August Festival in Miglianico
First three weeks of August Local craftsman show in Guardiagrele
4-7 August Farmer’s festival in Monte Marcone di Atessa
5-6 August Pasta festival in Vasto
5-7 August Good food festival at Crecchio
6-7 August Biscuit and wine festival at Casalbordino
6-7 August Festival at Roccamontepiano
7 August Pasta and hunter’s festival Pennadomo
9-11 August Festival at Pretoro
9-10 August Good food festival at Pollutri
10 August Festival at San Giovanni Lipioni
10-14 August Sausage festival at Serre a small village near Lanciano
10-15 August Pasta festival at Pennadomo
10-11 August Festival at Carunchio
10-12 August Typical foods festival at Rocca San Giovanni
11-15 August Beer and potato festival at Pizzoferrato
12-17 August Festival at Casoli
11-13 August Beer festival at Castiglione Messer Marino
11-13 August Fried pizza festival Rapino
12 August Countryside and walkers festival at Guilmi
12 August Wine festival in Vasto
13 August Pork festival at Lentella
13-15 August Sheep’s cheese festival at Palena
14 August Pasta festival at Montebello sul Sangro
14 August Festival at Guilmi
14 August Truffle festival at Torrebruna
14 August Festival at Miglianico
Middle of August Sheep festival in Furci
15 August Ferragosto – Major bank holiday
15 August Grilled lamb festival at Roccaspinalveti
18-19 August Festival at Cupello
19-20 August Rocca San Giovanni Jazz festival – for information wolpe@katamail.com
20-21 August Pasta festival at Fara San Martino
20-21 August Gnomes festival at Piana delle Mele – Guardiagrele
20-21 August Truffles festival at Quadri
21 August Pizza Festival Civitella Messer Ramondo
26-27 August Pizza festival at Pianibbie small village near Casoli
Last week in August Festival of Vacri
31 August Festival at Pretoro
End of August Festival of Arrosticini (type of kebab)
End of August Festival of Lanciano, Mediaeval Week, Inter-quarter contest for the Mastrogiurato. Historical re-enactment of the Mastrogiurato including fire eaters, sword fighting and competitions
End of August Farmer’s festival Civitaluparella
September Festival of the grape and the wine in Giuliano Teatino
8 September at 10.00 Festival of Lanciano, Il Dono’ local farmer’s auction goods they donate for charity. There is also a procession of traditional farming
14 – 16 September Festival of Lanciano, Spectacular festival at the centre of Lanciano. It starts at 4.00 am and continues for three days. Lots of music, games, stalls and fireworks. Let’s not forget the horse racing at the center of Lanciano
First or second week in September Grape festival in Mozzagrogna
3-4 September Pork festival at Vacri
10 – 12 September Mountain walk and festival in Castiglione Messer Marino
11 September A gincana western at Vacri
24-25 September Display and market of honey at Tornareccio
In the month of September ‘Cooked wine’ festival at Roccamontepiano
8-9 October Festival of cooks at Villa Santa Maria
15-16 October Festival at San Giovanni Lipioni
4 November Roccamontepiano Sagra della Castagna – chestnut festival.
15 – 16 November Treglio Festa del Vino Novello. – New wine festival
End of November Caldari – Ortona wine festival
First Saturday in December Carunchio ‘White Truffle’ festival
First Saturday in December Pollutri – Bean festival